Friday, February 24, 2012

Up-to-Date Accessory Listing

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Also see the Outfit My Frontier and Outfit My NuCanoe pages for a step-by-step guide to outfitting your boat.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NuCanoe Accessories

A complete guide to all the accessories for your NuCanoe!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Custom Accessories

Sport Box

Sport Box webSport Box Open webSport Box Top View

Great for storing fishing tackle, hunting gear, personal belongings, or for keeping food cool, the Sport Box fits snugly into the bow of the NuCanoe, but can be located in the stern as well. The Sport Box can serve as a seat when closed and has two cup holders to keep your drinks safe. It can be relocated or removed in a matter of seconds. Made of durable polyethylene, the Sport Box weighs 9lbs.

Bow Water Shield

Bow Water Shield

The Bow Water Shield keeps water out of the NuCanoe when navigating rivers or paddling in choppy water. As water comes over the gunwale or the bow dips into the water, the shield deflects the water to either side keeping the inside of the NuCanoe dry. It also provides a protected area for storage. It requires one webbing pocket to be installed on the bow handle. Once that is in, the Bow Water Shield can be installed or removed in seconds.

Modular Multi Mount

Provides a place to mount rod holders, fish finders, GPS devices, and more. Position it where you want it and remove for safe storage of your gear. Also includes a handy cup holder.

Swivel Seat Mount

Enables a fishing style seat with swiver to be mounted in the NuCanoe. Can be positioned in any of the standard seat locations and used solo or tandem.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Captain’s Seat

Captain's Seat

The 18″ Captain’s Seat is your ticket to comfort on the water. The sculpted padding and superior back support will ensure you’ll be feeling great after a long paddle or a full day of fishing. The back of the seat contains a handy day pack for storing your valuables.

Sport Seat

Sport Seat

The Sport Seat provides great comfort and cushioning for NuCanoe passengers. It has a 12.5″ padded wrap-around seatback and large bottom cushion. The Sport Seat includes a generously sized rear pack.

Expedition Seat

The Expedition Seat conforms to your back to provide excellent back support and additional seating comfort. With less padding than the other seats, it is a more contoured fit. It is great for fishing and hunting.

Softpad Seat
The softpad seat is a padded, velcro-strap cushion that is easily attached to the molded seat for increased comfort.

Folding Swivel Seat

The folding seat provides great “fishability”. The swivel enables 360 degree rotation so you can turn your body towards the action. The hard frame and soft cushioning provide a great balance of comfort and support.

Molded Seat (Standard)

Molded Seat

The molded seat is the standard seat that comes with your NuCanoe. Up to three of these seats can be added to the NuCanoe for extra passenger seating. The standard seat, though not as padded as other NuCanoe seating options, is still designed for a comfortable paddling, rowing, or trolling experience!

Fishing Accessories

RAM Rod Holder

The RAM fishing rod holders are remarkably easy to use – just loosen one screw and the rod holder can be located in any position. The rod holders mount to a 1” ball base. Keeps your rod secure while paddling, trolling, or just taking a break.

RAM Fly Rod Holder

The RAM Fly Rod Holder is simple to use – just loosen one screw and the rod holder can be located in any position. The rod holders mount to a 1” ball base. Secure your rod in the boat while you are on the move or taking a break.

RAM Rod Holder with Mount

Fishing rod holder kit that includes all the hardware for installation and modular use in the NuCanoe.

Fly Rod Holder with Mount

Fly rod holder kit includes the hardware you need to install for modular use in the NuCanoe.

RAM Rod Holder

NuCanoe Base Kit for RAM Mounts

The mount base kit enables your RAM Rod Holders to be secured to any threaded insert in the NuCanoe. Just screw your rod holder to the base, and you’re ready to go!

Scotty Mount Base web

NuCanoe Base Kit for Scotty Mounts

The mount base kit enables your Scotty Rod Holders to be secured to any threaded insert in the NuCanoe. Just screw your rod holder to the base, and you’re ready to go!

Rod Holder Product Demonstration Video:

Hunting Accessories

Duck Blind - 10' or 12'
Complete duck blind cover that fits perfectly on the NuCanoe. Side panels open for paddling and close for concealment. Provides ample room for your dog and also to store your gear.

Expedition Camouflaged Seat

Seat back with cushion to provide back support and extra comfort while hunting. Camo pattern matches the duck blind for maximum concealment.

Layout Seat
Enables hunters to lie down inside the NuCanoe, beneath the duck blind for maximum stealth and surprise.

Kayak Paddles

Wave Paddle
Wave Paddle
Available in aluminum, fiberglass or carbon.