Friday, August 21, 2009


Captain’s Seat

Captain's Seat

The 18″ Captain’s Seat is your ticket to comfort on the water. The sculpted padding and superior back support will ensure you’ll be feeling great after a long paddle or a full day of fishing. The back of the seat contains a handy day pack for storing your valuables.

Sport Seat

Sport Seat

The Sport Seat provides great comfort and cushioning for NuCanoe passengers. It has a 12.5″ padded wrap-around seatback and large bottom cushion. The Sport Seat includes a generously sized rear pack.

Expedition Seat

The Expedition Seat conforms to your back to provide excellent back support and additional seating comfort. With less padding than the other seats, it is a more contoured fit. It is great for fishing and hunting.

Softpad Seat
The softpad seat is a padded, velcro-strap cushion that is easily attached to the molded seat for increased comfort.

Folding Swivel Seat

The folding seat provides great “fishability”. The swivel enables 360 degree rotation so you can turn your body towards the action. The hard frame and soft cushioning provide a great balance of comfort and support.

Molded Seat (Standard)

Molded Seat

The molded seat is the standard seat that comes with your NuCanoe. Up to three of these seats can be added to the NuCanoe for extra passenger seating. The standard seat, though not as padded as other NuCanoe seating options, is still designed for a comfortable paddling, rowing, or trolling experience!

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